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Stars that fall

Etoiles qui tombent

Tomorrows Goodbyes
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This is the prophecy, this is the intricasy. this is the great and poetic tomorrow. The electric ozone smell after the rain. This is a place to forget. To remember. To spell out your fantastic tragedies and your even more fantastic achievements. This is life, slowed down, pulled apart, and reassembled. This is the science behind breathing, and the art to blinking. This is what its like to really truly live.
Expect to have to be poetic. With words, photography, music, however you chose. Do not expect to have to write poetry. Poetry can be dull. But being poetic, in real life, is beautiful.
Expect elitism. This is not an open casting call. This is by invitation only. If you arent invited, you can request to be, but only very few will be.
Expect surrealism, exageration, and drama. This is not dulled down. This is not hidden. What is written here, is written here. Those who read it, do. Those who don't, will never know.
This is, what it is to be, Stagelit.